What exactly is a BIRTH DOULA?

A Birth Doula is someone experienced in childbirth, who provides emotional, physical and informational support to the mother during her pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  A Birth Doula will understand the physiology of birth as well as the emotional needs of the mother, and assist her and her partner, in carrying out their plans for the birth.  She will  provide physical comfort and support to the mother, as well as emotional support for her and her partner during the birth.  Her role is nurturing; protecting the woman's memory and birth experience, as a positive one.

Research has cleary indicated, that when a doula attends a birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications; babies are healthier, and are able to breastfeed more easily; and just as importantly; the mother feels more satisfied and content with her birth experience!!

All women have this one thing in common.....

Yet if you were to ask 100 woman what their birth "experience" was like, you will hear 100 different stories; exemplifying the fact that every birth is unique unto itself.  Each birth comes with it's own set of emotions, challenges, circumstances, and memories.   Birth is meant to be a joyous and momentous event, in which our heart and soul should embrace. 

I AM NOT OPPOSED TO MODERN MEDICINE AND PAIN RELIEF.  I realize that for some women, laboring without pain medication is very important to them, while other women feel that having some form of pain relief will make their birth experience a more positive one.  After doing your research, please feel free to trust your own instincts in this regard, as to what is best for YOU.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to give birth.

The most important key element for ALL laboring women, is that they are made to feel comfortable, supported, loved and safe. 

I, as your Birth Doula, will help you decifer your feelings in regards to your vision of your ideal birth, and together, we will come up with a plan and the tools to help you get there. 

Please feel free to contact me for a free phone consultation and more information on my doula services. I look forward to hearing from you!

Baby Blessings,